Drinking is very underestimated in our entire life. While the diet is illuminated from many sides and also new tips for a healthy diet and new diets regularly penetrate the market, is paid to the important process of drinking only slightly attention.

This drink is of fundamental importance both for physical as well as mental fitness. And the best drink for a good supply is a good mineral water, which effectively supports the body with its naturally occurring mineral content.

Breathing and drinking are the most important for sustaining life. While we – just as well-fed Europeans – can go without food for weeks, our physical limits are reached when water is abstracted after a few days. A short time after the removal of water let the brain functions after this.

Fatigue, attention problems, memory and concentration problems, confusion, word-finding problems as well as the reaction suffer from dehydration very quickly.For the body is sufficient and especially regular supply of water is very important. Especially the brain regularly requires a lot of fluid to provide adequate services. Adults should in addition to the water-containing diet daily at least 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid – the best of a good mineral water – out.

Physically active people need to increase the amount and even at high outside temperatures, the amount of liquid taken should be adjusted. For mental and physical fitness sufficient water supply is elementary and also a good and comprehensive diet can not compensate here, if the amount needed is not true.

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