Going by the trend wave, you probably wonder if the kettlebell is some kind of magical equipment which you need for successful fat burning workout. It may look very obsolete when compared to new advanced weight training facilities available today, but nevertheless the workout with it is very intense and allows free movement. Kettlebells can be used like other free weights, to gain muscle mass, strength and fat loss.

It is not a new invention. In fact it has been around for years. But it only gained popularity recently in the United States after a former Russian special forces coach, Pavel Tsatsouline, brought it to the continent. Since then, many leading trainers, athletes and celebrities have embraced kettlebell workouts to increase their strength and flexibility.

The kettlebell is often made of cast iron, and looks like a cannonball, which has a suitcase type handle on top. “Girya” is the Russian word for it, named so because of its shape. The kettlebell has long been used in Russian military institutes. These days this equipment generally comes with rubber grips, added for convenience. There are even adjustable kettlebells, suitable for home use. Checkout some reviews on

An efficient workout can accomplish amazing results which even the most sophisticated gym equipment can not match. Most exercises work on many body parts at a time, thus providing a total workout for the whole body. There are numerous exercises aimed at a specific body part. Like dumbbells, many variations and combinations exist here as well. If you want to gain total body conditioning, then you should choose exercises like swing, clean, jerk, press, windmill and turkish get ups which work on the entire body.

The kettlebell workouts burn the fat from your body and also works on the whole system. A highly intensive workout can leave your body totally exhausted in a few minutes. Since the body is not supported by any bench or machine, like in a gym, it burns more calories and reduces fat quicker.


While the swings are good for muscle control and put emphasis on the posterior muscles, the cleans and jerks are lifting exercises which work on hamstrings, hips, arms, shoulders, and the chest. However the snatch is the trickiest of all workouts as it combines movements involving muscles of the back, shoulder, forearm and abdomen.

Doing repetitive snatches with light kettlebells is also very good for metabolic training and can burn many calories in a short period of time. The kettlebell snatch can improve the muscle tone, increase body strength and stamina and is also very good for your posture.

While the workouts look as if you need the strength of Goliath to be performed, the foundation exercises can be adopted by anyone male or female at any level. Through performing kettlebell exercises, you can develop muscles and joints to act in a full range of motion. They can do wonder for grip strength and endurance, which are so essential for sports like tennis, martial arts, rowing, ball sports and many others.

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