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Everyone says “I want to be a happy and healthy person!” and things like “No, I do not need a weight loss program. I like myself even the way I am!” And so what is this? Everybody wants to be happy and have good health but do… let’s call them heavy people like the way they look? No! It is not true. Most of the people just don’t want to change the things. But for all the people that want to enjoy their health and who want to start a weight loss program we can give some advice.

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Eating fast food is a very good thing, if we want to start gaining weight. But if we do not want it we can eat some fresh food, for example apples, bananas, boiled eggs, milk, vegetables, cereals and etc. Of course meat is not forbidden but if you want to finish your weight loss program you should consume less meat.

Ask a professional to make you a diet that will improve your health and in addition to this start training. The combination of good training and good food are the key to your health. All weight loss training programs are created to make you a good looking and a healthy person who can stand up and say “Yes! I have changed my life!”

Of course nobody says it is easy. The hard work in the office and the daily stress are things that will continue following us but it is our choice to “fight” back or not to fight back. There were, there are and there will be people from both sides. I mean people who will start changing their lives and people who will not change anything.

But if you decide to change your life you must know it will be hard. But in the end you will have the health you want, you will finish the weight loss training program and you will look great. And that is all. The choice is all yours.


In addition to good performance of body and mind, the cerebral circulation is promoted by adequate hydration. It is here then the supply of the individual blocks is with the fuel, namely the nutrients from food, guaranteed. Important centers of the brain are only supplied with high-quality food if the blood supply is correct – and which in turn is fluid intake.

Thirst is a warning signal. However, thirst is already connected to an existing deficit in physical water balance. Drink before you get thirsty comes up at all, because thirst brain power is already reduced. Concentration and thinking skills are already reduced the sensation of thirst.

Who got into the habit throughout the day every hour to drink a large glass of mineral water, thirst and thus can prevent deficiency symptoms.

Many minerals in mineral water provide a good function of the body and brain. These include sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphate and magnesium, because they have important roles in the metabolic functions of the body.

Large glass of mineral water per hour is the daily recommended amount of 2 to 3 liters, it ensures best performance, very easy to implement and this also has the supply even regularly.


Drinking is very underestimated in our entire life. While the diet is illuminated from many sides and also new tips for a healthy diet and new diets regularly penetrate the market, is paid to the important process of drinking only slightly attention.

This drink is of fundamental importance both for physical as well as mental fitness. And the best drink for a good supply is a good mineral water, which effectively supports the body with its naturally occurring mineral content.

Breathing and drinking are the most important for sustaining life. While we – just as well-fed Europeans – can go without food for weeks, our physical limits are reached when water is abstracted after a few days. A short time after the removal of water let the brain functions after this.

Fatigue, attention problems, memory and concentration problems, confusion, word-finding problems as well as the reaction suffer from dehydration very quickly.For the body is sufficient and especially regular supply of water is very important. Especially the brain regularly requires a lot of fluid to provide adequate services. Adults should in addition to the water-containing diet daily at least 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid – the best of a good mineral water – out.

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Physically active people need to increase the amount and even at high outside temperatures, the amount of liquid taken should be adjusted. For mental and physical fitness sufficient water supply is elementary and also a good and comprehensive diet can not compensate here, if the amount needed is not true.